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Language Detection

Text Comprehension cannot be envisaged without language detection. The same goes for Automatic Translation.

We needed that feature in order to conduct text analysis which help us understand which topics a text covers. Per se it has never been considered as a prime target; it is more a by-product or prerequisite for text analysis, lato sensu.

Language Detection is performed by statistics: we use a limited lexicon of ± 500 words/language to detect what language a text is written in.

Our algorithms proved to be correct 98% of the time, which is considered more than enough for the usage we make of it.

Text Comprehension

Sentiment & Opinion Analysis


Geo Data

Automatic Translation

Generic Concepts

Most generic concepts we have worked on are extracted from and Wikidata


All concepts have a common ancestor: Mother

Mother is an abstract class: it cannot be instantiated per se, except through a class that depends on it.

Our computer code is shared as Open Source on GitHub and we keep updating it regularly.

Doc: trql.mother.class.php


Each page of the TRQL Radio site is known as a WebPage object. Our definition is based on the one provided by (

The definition of WebPage is itself based on a parent concept, CreativeWork ( In turn, CreativeWork depends on a higher concept: Thing.

As we can see, all these concepts are a bit of a nest of concepts and lead to many basic definitions. At this point, we have worked on almost 1000 different concepts.

Our computer code is shared as Open Source on GitHub and we keep updating it regularly.

Doc: trql.webpage.class.php


All the pages of the TRQL Radio website are part of the … of the TRQL Radio website. It was therefore important to define what we meant by website. To do so, we took as a starting point the definition that comes, again, from (

This standard definition is suitable for many projects that are related to the creation of a websites : websites for artists, websites for radio stations, …

Our computer code is shared as Open Source on GitHub and we keep updating it regularly.



Being a radio makes this notion a cornerstone of the code of TRQL Radio.

Our computer code is shared as Open Source on GitHub and we keep updating it regularly.


Weather Report

More info to be provided soon

Weather Forecast

More info to be provided soon

Services (67)

1. Bankruptcies!/?bankruptcies

2. Co2-emissions!/?co2-emissions

3. Commodities!/?commodities

4. Corporate-tax!/?corporate-tax

5. Corruption!/?corruption

6. Country-rating!/?country-rating

7. Cryptos!/?cryptos

8. Currencies!/?currencies

9. Debt!/?debt

10. ExpenditureVSrevenues!/?expenditureVSrevenues

11. Fiscal-expenditure!/?fiscal-expenditure

12. Food-inflation!/?food-inflation

13. Gdp!/?gdp

14. Gdp-growth!/?gdp-growth

15. Gdp-ppp!/?gdp-ppp

16. Gold-reserves!/?gold-reserves

17. Government-revenues!/?government-revenues

18. Hospital-beds!/?hospital-beds

19. Hospitals!/?hospitals

20. Households-debt-to-income!/?households-debt-to-income

21. Icu-beds!/?icu-beds

22. Industrial!/?industrial

23. Industrial-production-mom!/?industrial-production-mom

24. Inflation!/?inflation

25. Labor-costs!/?labor-costs

26. Long-term-unemployment!/?long-term-unemployment

27. M0!/?M0

28. M1!/?M1

29. M2!/?M2

30. M3!/?M3

31. Medical-doctors!/?medical-doctors

32. Mercator!/?mercator=50.3868414,4.6609655

33. News!/?news

34. Nurses!/?nurses

35. Personal-savings!/?personal-savings

36. Personal-savings!/?personal-savings

37. Personal-tax!/?personal-tax

38. Precipitation!/?precipitation

39. Private-debt-to-gdp!/?private-debt-to-gdp

40. Rss!/?rss

41. Sales-tax!/?sales-tax

42. StockATX!/?stockATX

43. StockBEL!/?stockBEL

44. StockBIST100!/?stockBIST100

45. StockCAC!/?stockCAC

46. StockCH20!/?stockCH20

47. StockDAX!/?stockDAX

48. StockES35!/?stockES35

49. StockEU50!/?stockEU50

50. StockEUBA!/?stockEUBA

51. StockGB100!/?stockGB100

52. StockISEQ!/?stockISEQ

53. StockIT40!/?stockIT40

54. StockJP225!/?stockJP225

55. StockLUXX!/?stockLUXX

56. StockMOES!/?stockMOES

57. StockNL25!/?stockNL25

58. StockOSLO!/?stockOSLO

59. StockSCSMI!/?stockSCSMI

60. StockSWE!/?stockSWE

61. StockUS!/?stockUS

62. StockUS100!/?stockUS100

63. StockWIG!/?stockWIG

64. Temperature!/?temperature

65. Today!/?today

66. Trade!/?trade

67. Unemployment!/?unemployment

Applied Research

Automated News

Automated News is all driven via interests that are gathered in (1) sources (2) topics

All sources we collected are RSS sources we have come across and have considered reliable; topics have been carefully selected manually upon a number of interesting keywords.

For example, is considered a valid source for the science topic.

News are extracted and categorized as to be presented in an ordered manner in our Vae Soli! Player and our News page

Wheather Reports & Wheather Forecasts

A Weather report is known as a report about aspects of the weather (

A Weather forecast is known as the application of science and technology to predict the conditions of the atmosphere for a given location and time (

Both notions refer to high-level objects that we have infered either from or from Wikidata, or both: Weather Report and Weather Forecast.

Such notions cannot be tackled without a perfect understanding of geo data for which we use the geonames API services.

Traffic Info

For everything related to traffic information, we use the TomTom API ( The traffic API requires an extensive comprehension of geo-data.

Artist Info

Today in History

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